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December 3rd, 2019
Helps "Fund Our Mission" at
Bergen Family Center

Dinner 2019
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Thanks for Joining Us for Our

Gala Dinner and Auction

Support for Our Honorees for 2019


Barry Harris


"We are placed on this earth to serve each other, and Bergen Family Center is all about serving families who need our help. I've tried to do that through coaching, and being a mentor. Helping teens is one of the most important things we do..."

Never Too Late to Donate


Sarah Wallace

Investigative Journalist WNBC

"BFC is all about family. The family is why we're involved in Bergen Family Center because they serve infants, toddlers, teens and the elderly. It's an amazing orgaization with a dedicated staff that works tirelessly to serve our coimmunity..."

Never Too Late to Donate


Harry Martin

Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees

"Bergen Family Center has a great story to tell. The more people that hear about our story, the more that people will support our orgaization. The more support we get the more families we are able to help..."

Never Too Late to Donate

How We Help Families

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Helping Children

Make a Bright Start.

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Helping Teens

Make Smart Choices

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Helping Seniors

Stay Vital and Healthy

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You Can Make a Difference

In The Lives of Thousands of Families

Meet Some of Our Clients

Give from the Heart

Agresta Brothers

Why BFC means so much to so many.

The Numbers Show How We Helped


CHILDREN & Parents

Helped though Childcare and Education Programs



Supported through Programs for Positive Life Choices



Helped by Adult Day Program

These achievements were made possible by your contributions, the dedication of our volunteers and staff, government grants, foundation support and client fees, Local businesses, religious institutions and schools provided volunteers
and Your financial support.

Counseling & Intervention



Received family court assessments



Received support to manage their HIV diagnosis



Received individual counseling from Bergen Family Center.

We help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault - Families facing challenges that disrupt their lives - Individuals diagnosed with or affected by HIV/AIDS - Families & adolescents involved with family court.

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